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“Full marks!” says the editor of the BIPP magazine.

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Crondon Park Wedding BIPP editorial – In December I photographed a wedding for Jonathan and Lisa, which took place at Crondon Park ( in Essex. I treated this as I would any of my weddings, I always do my best and give 100 percent although there was a slight difference as the groom is also the editor of ‘the PHOTOGRAPHER’ magazine, the flagship of the BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photographers – of which I am a qualified member. (Oooh the added pressure!!). Jonathan has since put together a fantastic article about his experiences in booking a photographer and also how it went on the day which I just had to share.


He listened carefully when we said we didn’t want much pre-venue stuff and didn’t flinch when we explained our wedding dance would be a full-on ballroom extravaganza. On the day he picked up the feel of the occasion; he got a huge cheer from our guests when I thanked him in my speech; and he got the all-important picture of the lift. Full marks! Jonathan Briggs, Editor – ‘the PHOTOGRAPHER’ magazine


The full article from ‘the PHOTOGRAPHER’ – Winter 2014:

The winter wedding

Not usually into requests, but here we (myself and the new Mrs Briggs) succumb to the pressure and give you some pictures from our December wedding – on the premise of explaining how we came to select our photographer…


Please note: this is no vanity project but a very serious article about a couple with a reasonable wedding budget (I’d point out I no longer have budget available for anything else) came to make the tricky decision of whom should photograph their wedding. The situation was made all the more difficult by the groom being myself and obviously I know plenty of photographers and count them as my friends. But I was clear – no mates, no mates rates… we’d look around, make a shortlist, trim it down and see a few in person just as anyone else would.


There were some lingering worries: ours was not the average wedding in terms of practicalities; it was taking place in December and hence would likely be raining and cold; and admittedly I am very hard to please when it comes to (a) photographs and (b) photographs of me.

Planning is everything of course, but when a crate – no less – of wedding magazines appeared in the hallway (it seems it’s quite the done thing that back issues are passed around friends) I did realise that all decisions would be joint at best. On reading a budget planner in one such mag I was informed that we were supposed to buy the bridesmaids’ lingerie! No way! What kind of fool do these publishers take me for? We had four…



Now admittedly my wife is younger than me, but I was momentarily surprised that for photographers the first point of call was blogs – either those written by brides or those written by photographers. And the key links were our venue and the time of year. So at the risk of annoying anyone, I will say that all those costly display ads in wedding magazines really counted for nothing.


So we were quickly looking for a photographer who had done a wedding at our venue before, preferably at or around the same time of year. Through a mix of social media and blogs found by a simple google search we were able to view many weddings that matched up, and actually ended up looking at many that didn’t too. Easy.

Our run-in period from engagement to wedding was about seven months – not the longest, but not the shortest either. And long enough for us to have been to a few friends’ weddings in the meantime and formed pretty strong opinions about what we didn’t like.

From talking to friends since, this is very common ground and it yielded some pointers. We didn’t like: being ordered around; the bride and groom being carted off for ages away from their guests; cringe-worthy sentimentalism; any use of photoshop filters and / or vignettes; or feeling like there was a camera on you all the time. Hence we were ready to get into the shortlist.


At this stage price came into it, and whether it seemed good value in relation to the price. We also got a good sense from photographers’ websites and blogs on whether they were likely to listen to us or not, and that was crucial. Then came some initial email enquiries regarding availability and you just wouldn’t believe the range of tone; quality of grammar; and basic politeness that came back… It’s amazing how terse a simple email can appear at the receiver’s end.


One of the few we saw face to face was Dean Robson who goes by the business name Arty Weddings. I’d noted he had a BIPP qualification and when he came around to see us he listened carefully when we said we didn’t want much pre-venue stuff (I especially didn’t want pictures of me and my best man putting our trousers on…) and didn’t flinch when we explained that our wedding dance would be a full-on ballroom extravaganza. He showed us books but we’d already decided he took great shots from the websites and blogs. He got the gig.


On the day he picked up the feel of the occasion; he got a huge cheer from our guests when I thanked him in my speech; and he got the all-important picture of the lift (above). Full marks!
Jonathan Briggs, editor – ‘the PHOTOGRAPHER’ – BIPP magazine – Winter 2014 – Crondon Park Wedding BIPP editorial



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