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Wedding Photography at the Emerald Suite London

April 13, 2011 on 12:49 pm | In - Weddings | Comments Off on Wedding Photography at the Emerald Suite London | Author Dean Robson

I photographed this wedding for Vicky and Dan towards the end of February which took place at Our Lady of Mount Carmel & St George church in Enfield and also at the Emerald Suite in the North London Business Park.

Arriving early at the brides home on a rather wet and chilly Saturday I captured the pre-wedding moments.

After a short drive I arrived at the church in Enfield where the ceremony took place.

As we exited the church there was a brief break in the rain so I took some family group photographs as quickly as I could and as we finished the rain began again.

We then took the drive to the Emerald Suite and again the rain halted for a few moments.

I was so pleased we managed to get some photographs outside and right on cue the rain started just as we’d finished. It was then time for the meal and ofcouse the speeches.

As with most of my wet weddings, I then set up my studio backdrop and took some evening guest portraits and family photographs which just adds something different to the collection of photographs and is my way of making up for any opportunities missed due to bad weather.

I had a lovely day photographing Vicky and Dan’s wedding. The evening went very well and it was time for one last moment, the first dance.

By Dean Robson – RT Weddings (April 2011) Professional Wedding Photographer for Essex, Hertfordshire and Kent



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