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Wedding Photography at Churchgate Hotel Harlow, Essex

October 4, 2010 on 5:18 pm | In - Weddings | Comments Off on Wedding Photography at Churchgate Hotel Harlow, Essex | Author Dean Robson

A couple of weekends ago I photographed this wedding for Louise and Terry which took place at the Churchgate Hotel Harlow in Essex as well as taking a special trip to the Gibberd Garden (

After arriving at the Brides home nice and early I captured the getting ready shots, some formals and also all of the accessories.

It was then time to move on to St. Mary’s Church ( which is situated just up the road from the Churchgate Hotel where I met up with the Groom and the boys. I found the familiar face of Richard Palmer the Toastmaster ( whom I have worked alongside quite a few times. As usual he was assisting everyone with their flowers, and greeting the guests as they arrived, he is a very helpful gentlemen.

As the couple had a lovely Rolls Royce and the venue was only a minute down the road, we made a dash for the Gibberd Garden which was about 5 minutes away, as it was a chance to give the couple a bit of a breather and also the perfect location to catch some extra special photographs. It was a new experience for me too as I rode upfront in the big Rolls Royce.

We then made our way to the Churchgate Hotel where Richard the Toastmaster had been keeping everyone amused and well looked after.

I managed to position the group shots with the church of St. Mary’s in the background and it shows just how close it was from the church to the venue.

I had a really fun time photographing Louise and Terry’s wedding day, please contact me if you would like me to capture your special day too.

By Dean Robson – RT Weddings (October 2010) Professional Wedding Photographer for Essex, Hertfordshire and Kent



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