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The Poster Art Digital Effect by RT Weddings

March 1, 2010 on 2:57 pm | In - Misc Information | Comments Off on The Poster Art Digital Effect by RT Weddings | Author Dean Robson

As a wedding photographer in Hertfordshire and Essex, I am always looking for ideas and after effects to make a good photograph have even more impact. I have put together a new effect which I can offer called the ‘poster art’ effect. See some samples below which show how it can be applied to a regular shot in colour or black & white.







I know this style wont be to everyones taste but it does show that I can offer more abstract styles when asked to do so. I will be posting some other after effects on my blog soon and have created a category called Digital Effects for this purpose.

By Dean Robson – RT Weddings (March 2010) Professional Wedding Photographer for Essex, Hertfordshire, and Kent



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