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Wedding Photography at Greenwoods and Crondon Park, in Stock, Essex

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The week before last I shot this Friday wedding at Greenwoods and Crondon Park in Stock, Essex for Laura and Chris.


I arrived at Greenwoods nice and early to capture the bride’s pre-wedding shots and she looked amazing.


Greenwoods is a venue I have photographed at previously so I knew where to find photographic opportunities.

smith_010.jpg   smith_047.jpg   smith_084.jpg   smith_140.jpg

I then went on to Crondon Park, where the ceremony and reception was to take place. I met up with the groom and caught a few moments on camera.


I then rushed back to the top of the lane into Crondon to capture some special shots for the bride utilising the cornfields before capturing her entrance and the wedding ceremony.

smith_149.jpg   smith_200.jpg   smith_207.jpg   smith_230.jpg

After the ceremony I captured some casual shots of the guests whilst drinks were served, and then took the formal group shots nice and quickly. It was then time for the romantic shoot with the couple.


At Crondon Park there is a pond just at the side of one of the greens, which makes a great backdrop for the photographs.

smith_396.jpg   smith_406.jpg   smith_428.jpg   smith_439.jpg

We then walked back to the reception area and I took one of my favourite shots in the gateway.


There was time for a couple more shots outside, including the confetti before we all went in for the wedding meal.

smith_449.jpg   smith_466.jpg   smith_350.jpg   smith_484.jpg

The barn at Crondon Park is fabulous and give a lovely warm light. The children were enjoying the adventure of the barn whilst the coffee’s were being served.


It was time for the speeches, and they were good fun!

smith_490.jpg   smith_605.jpg   smith_588.jpg   smith_583.jpg

After the speeches the couple did the traditional cutting of the cake.


Then the evening party kicked off with some dancing.

smith_564.jpg   smith_688.jpg   smith_692.jpg   smith_705.jpg

I really enjoyed my time at Laura and Chris’ wedding, please get in contact if you would like me to capture your special day. There was one more shot to take, as it had got rather dark outside.


By Dean Robson – RT Weddings (October 2009) Professional Wedding Photographer for Hertfordshire, Essex and Kent



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