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An Urban Photo Shoot

October 10, 2009 on 11:57 pm | In - Misc Information | Comments Off on An Urban Photo Shoot | Author Dean Robson

Today I was asked to take some family portraits in Harlow for Keighley. I took a family group shot as per her request, but whilst I had some willing subjects I also wanted to try something a bit different too.


I wanted to try and capture some urban style photographs and found a cool looking backdrop for this.


I like the way a basic background like a wall for instance can produce really strong looking and stylish imagery.

keighley_038.jpg   keighley_063.jpg   keighley_079.jpg   keighley_076.jpg

I’m always keen to try out different ideas and techniques, and am pleased with the results.


By Dean Robson – RT Weddings (October 2009) Professional Wedding Photographer for Hertfordshire, Essex and Kent



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