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Wedding Photography at Mulberry House, High Ongar in Essex

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On Friday I photographed Kelly and Chris’ wedding which took place at Mulberry House, High Ongar in Essex. All week rain and showers had been forecast but I was optimistic as usual.


I arrived at the bride’s leaving location at her parents home quite early as this was also where the reception was going to take place and I wanted to capture the marquee and decorations.


I took lots of photographs of the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready and having their hair done, and they all looked fantastic! The dresses were provided by Mariposa ( of Sawbridgeworth.

hagger_104.jpg hagger_111.jpg hagger_093.jpg hagger_108.jpg

The weather was still looking dry and I was keeping my fingers crossed that it would stay this way.


I had a little bit of time to capture the girls outside before driving the short trip to Mulberry House. You may recall I photographed a wedding there recently for Vivien and Mark.

hagger_122.jpg hagger_175.jpg hagger_146.jpg hagger_230.jpg

I photographed the ceremony through-out and captured the expression and moments as they happened.


I captured the first kiss, exchanging of the rings and the signing of the registry before moving outside for the group photographs.

hagger_229.jpg hagger_261.jpg hagger_273.jpg hagger_307.jpg

The guests all went back to the home for the reception whilst I took the bridal party around the gardens at Mulberry House which are lovely for photographs.


As well as having a pond with a bridge, Mulberry House also has lots of trees.

hagger_308.jpg hagger_321.jpg hagger_328.jpg hagger_323.jpg

The couple then got into their Rolls Royce and made their way back to the home for the reception. The reception took place in a very large garden with fabulous marquee and the views of the corn fields were amazing.

hagger_392.jpg hagger_460.jpg hagger_394.jpg hagger_464.jpg

The couple were also treated to an aerobatic display before going inside for the wedding meal.

hagger_487.jpg hagger_521.jpg hagger_535.jpg hagger_589.jpg

After the meal I grabbed a special photograph by request of the groom.


On the evening I met a familiar face, Steve Hearn the Caricature Artist ( was on hand to create some amazing sketches.


I noticed that there was going to be a sunset and asked the couple if they wanted a special photograph of this.


The party kicked off with the first dance and a couple of celebrities singing, Elvis and Rod Stewart! They were very good indeed. I had an awesome time photographing Kelly and Chris’ wedding! If you would like me to photograph your wedding, capturing the story and emotion of your special day then please do get in touch.

hagger_597.jpg hagger_640.jpg hagger_683.jpg hagger_676.jpg

By Dean Robson – RT Weddings (August 2009) Wedding Photographer for Hertfordshire, Essex and Kent



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