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Behind the scenes on Living TV’s – Four Weddings television show

August 9, 2009 on 10:57 pm | In - Misc Information | Comments Off on Behind the scenes on Living TV’s – Four Weddings television show | Author Dean Robson

You may recall I photographed a wedding with Steve at London Zoo back in May, but what you wouldn’t have been aware of is that the wedding was also being filmed for the hit Living TV show, “Four Weddings” produced by Virginmedia, where four brides go head to head in the attempt to winning a fabulous honeymoon produced in a very similar style as “Come Dine With Me”.


It was quite a challenge to photograph the wedding without capturing the film crew in the shots, but if you take a look at the previous blog article about this wedding you can see we did pull it off.

img_4655.jpg   img_5489.jpg   img_5634.jpg   img_4829.jpg

The three other brides arrived in blind folds as it had been a secret about the wedding taking place at London Zoo.


They were guests at the wedding and as part of the show had to rate the wedding on various criteria.

img_5496.jpg   img_5552.jpg   img_5882.jpg   img_4833.jpg

Well I can officially say wedding photography “As Seen On TV” now. Our couple came 2nd in the competition, but definitely had the wedding of their dreams. I personally enjoyed photographing their day and was intrigued by all the television crew activity going on around me. Although there was a film crew of about 10 people not everyone noticed the cameras were on them.


By Dean Robson – RT Weddings (August 2009) Wedding Photographer for Hertfordshire, Essex and Kent



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