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Wedding Photography at Mulberry House, High Ongar, Essex

June 22, 2009 on 2:19 am | In - Wedding Photography Essex, - Weddings | Comments Off on Wedding Photography at Mulberry House, High Ongar, Essex | Author Dean Robson

On Saturday I photographed a wedding at Mulberry House in High Ongar, Essex for Vivien and Mark. Light showers had been forecast for the day although I was still optimistic we would get some shots outdoors. In the shot below I managed to organise some swans to pose for the perfect bridge shot.


I arrived at the bride’s home and captured the accessories and some candid opportunities as well as some formal photographs of the bridal party.

aspden_016.jpg   aspden_063.jpg   aspden_068.jpg   aspden_133.jpg

I then moved on to the wedding venue, Mulberry House where I met up with the groom and the boys. Mulberry House is a fantistic wedding venue with beautiful grounds, a lovely house and also an excellent reception room.


I was able to photograph the wedding ceremony from the front and capture the expression through-out. After the ceremony the bride and groom went for a short drive in the Rolls Royce and I captured some casual shots whilst they were gone.

aspden_183.jpg   aspden_614.jpg   aspden_240.jpg   aspden_276.jpg

On their return they were greeted with some drinks and I let them have a few minutes with their guests which gave me an opportunity to capture more casual shots.


I then started the formal group shots which I managed to do very quickly thus not intruding on the guests for too long. During the group shots two little ducklings strolled by and I couldn’t resist, maybe they will book me for their wedding…

aspden_286.jpg   aspden_318.jpg   aspden_305.jpg   aspden_329.jpg

I also took an aerial group shot from an upstairs window and it gives you a better idea of the grounds surrounding Mulberry House which is stunning.


I then did the confetti shots and after giving the couple a bit more time with their guests, took them around for a romantic shoot utilising all the lovely areas around the grounds.

aspden_346.jpg   aspden_391.jpg   aspden_397.jpg   aspden_413.jpg

There are so many wonderful locations at Mulberry House.

aspden_428.jpg   aspden_431.jpg   aspden_505.jpg   aspden_601.jpg

It was then time for the receiving line, the meal and speeches, not forgetting the cutting of the cake.

aspden_357.jpg   aspden_477.jpg   aspden_444.jpg   aspden_544.jpg

The couple had a bit of time after their meal to relax before the evening party started.


I had an extremely enjoyable day photographing Vivien and Mark’s wedding. I finished off by capturing the first dance and also a couple of night shots. If you are getting married and you like my style of wedding photography then please get in touch as I would be delighted to assist.

aspden_642.jpg   aspden_663.jpg   aspden_684.jpg   aspden_689.jpg

By Dean Robson – RT Weddings (June 2009) Wedding Photographer for Hertfordshire, Essex and Kent



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