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Wedding Photography at Gaynes Park, Epping, Essex

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As a wedding photographer for Essex, on Sunday I was asked to photograph a wedding at Gaynes Park near Epping in Essex, for my good friend and fellow photographer Steve. My role was to be second photographer concentrating on capture natural and casual looking photographs depicting the fun and expression from the wedding day. Gaynes Park is an exciting barn wedding venue as you will see from this article.


You may recall I photographed a wedding at Gaynes Park back in the November on a very wet weekend. This time the weather was perfect! We got there nice and early which allowed us time to look around the venue and also capture the guests arriving.

img_7063.jpg   img_7132.jpg   img_7106.jpg   img_7109.jpg

Whilst Steve went to the cottage to capture some shots with the bride getting ready, I met up with the groom and the best man for a couple of shots.


The couple were getting married in the orangery which is a great location surrounded by the gardens and some trees. The orangery itself is mainly glass and on a day like this we were thankful for the air conditioning during the ceremony!

img_0010.jpg   img_7212.jpg   img_7158.jpg   img_7343.jpg

I also captured some informal shots with the bride and her daughter (the bridesmaid) just before they walked over for the ceremony.


I do enjoy photographing the casual moments using a journalistic style and also do this along with the formal shots when photographing weddings alone.

img_7181.jpg   img_7199.jpg   img_7202.jpg   img_7185.jpg

There is lovely long pathway entering the orangery which really does make for amazing entrance!


The registrars were very accomodating and allowed photography throughout the ceremony. I managed to find a good location up front to capture this.

img_7244.jpg   img_7275.jpg   img_0041.jpg   img_7355.jpg

After the ceremony it was time for the confetti shot, so we used the new pavillion for this and it worked a treat.


Whilst Steve concentrated on the formal group shots, I wandered around taking casual photos. As there were lots of children at the wedding I made sure I didn’t miss out on their moments of enjoyment too.

img_7301.jpg   img_7373.jpg   img_7351.jpg   img_7364.jpg

It was then time for the couple to “mock up” cutting of the cake before they all sat down for the wedding meal. This took place in the barn at Gaynes Park and is a lovely location with a balcony area surrounding the main hall.

img_7375.jpg   img_7354.jpg   img_7429.jpg   img_7443.jpg

The couple had only booked for photography up until the meal so our time was over. I really had fun working with Steve again and hope I managed to capture a less formal view of the wedding. I can offer a two photographer service for your wedding, please take a look at my wedding package options.


By Dean Robson – RT Weddings (June 2009) Wedding Photographer for Hertfordshire, Essex and Kent



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