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Wedding Photography at Gilwell Park, Chingford, Essex

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On Saturday I photographed a wedding which took place at Walthamstow Registry Office and then on to Gilwell Park in Chingford, Essex. As a wedding photographer for Hertfordshire and Essex, I was very excited about photographing this wedding for Symone and Andy, as I’d not worked at Gilwell Park before. The weather forecast was for sunshine and blue skies!


I arrived at the Bride’s parents’ home nice and early to avoid any traffic delays. I captured this lovely portrait of the flower girl using natural light on the stairs.


I captured all the details, flowers and shoes, before taking a few shots of the Bride and her family. I then went on to Walthamstow Registry which was about 15 minutes drive, where I capture the pre-wedding activity and the Bride’s arrival and she looked fabulous!

hicks_016.jpg   hicks_092.jpg   hicks_103.jpg   hicks_119.jpg

Walthamstow Registry has a great wedding suite and also some lovely gardens, which was a good surprise for me as it really did exceed all my expectations.

hicks_134.jpg   hicks_164.jpg   hicks_201.jpg   hicks_249.jpg

I took a few group photographs at the registry office and the confetti shots before moving on to Gilwell Park.


Gilwell Park was about a 20 minute drive from Walthamstow and is surrounded by trees and fields, the perfect setting for a wedding.

hicks_266.jpg   hicks_280.jpg   hicks_473.jpg   hicks_479.jpg

We had our 2nd ceremony of the day, this time it was a blessing as Gilwell Park could hold a lot more guests than the registry office.

hicks_427.jpg   hicks_442.jpg   hicks_436.jpg   hicks_324.jpg

After the ceremony I captured some more casual shots, another aerial group shot and some photographs with the Groom and Groomsmen.

hicks_494.jpg   hicks_373.jpg   hicks_377.jpg   hicks_382.jpg

I captured the wedding breakfast room laid out, all the details and the speeches. Then it was time to cut the cake and took the couple around for some romantic shots.

hicks_574.jpg   hicks_606.jpg   hicks_648.jpg   hicks_700.jpg

I noticed some golden sunlight just shinning through the trees as the sun started to go down and couldn’t resist taking this lovely shot.


We had time for a few more photographs before the couple’s first dance. I was really impressed with their dance routine and it was truly one of the best I’ve seen.

hicks_720.jpg   hicks_728.jpg   hicks_743.jpg   hicks_749.jpg

I had an awesome day photographing Symone and Andy’s wedding, if you would like me to capture the whole story of your wedding day then please do get in touch.


By Dean Robson – RT Weddings (June 2009) Wedding Photographer for Hertfordshire, Essex and Kent



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