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Wedding Photography at The Fennes near Braintree, Essex

December 14, 2008 on 6:39 pm | In - Wedding Photography Essex, - Weddings | Comments Off on Wedding Photography at The Fennes near Braintree, Essex | Author Dean Robson

Yesterday was my final wedding of the year and it took place at the Fennes, Bocking near Braintree in Essex. The wedding was for a lovely couple, Jo and Neale and I was working alongside Steve again capturing a less informal coverage and the expression of the day. Unfortunately you cannot guarantee the weather at any time of the year, less so in the Winter months, and it was an extremely wet, windy and wintery day, so we made the most of the interior at the Fennes.


The Fennes is a great wedding venue and I imagine on a dry summer’s day its full potential becomes very much apparent. We arrived nice and early so that we could have a good look around the venue and seek out suitable locations for photographs. The venue had a real Christmas atmosphere about it.

simmons_16.jpg simmons_13.jpg simmons_17.jpg simmons_15.jpg

I took some shots of the Groom and the boys before the wedding using some of the great rooms at the venue, and the lighting gave a very warm atmosphere.


The ceremony took place in one of the two large marquee’s at the Fennes and really did make a nice setting.

simmons_02.jpg simmons_05.jpg simmons_06.jpg simmons_07.jpg simmons_04.jpgsimmons_03.jpg

After the ceremony we were able to capture a few shots around the venue.


We even managed to get outside for a couple of shots as there was a very short break in the weather. I was very pleased about this as it meant we could use the bridge and the pond, before returning back to the warmth for some wedding drinks.

simmons_20.jpg simmons_18.jpg simmons_08.jpg simmons_11.jpg

It was then time for the formal group shots and I was concentrating on capturing the more informal moments, although for some it was definitely nap time.

simmons_25.jpg simmons_27.jpg simmons_28.jpg simmons_24.jpg

It wouldn’t be a wedding without some confetti!


As with all our weddings we captured the speeches, also set up a small area for family portraits which all add to the bride and grooms collection, and then of course the traditional first dance.

simmons_23.jpg simmons_21.jpg simmons_29.jpg simmons_10.jpg simmons_09.jpg

I really had fun at Jo and Neale’s wedding and they seemed to enjoy our presence throughout their special day. If you would like me to photograph your wedding then please get in touch.


By Dean Robson – RT Weddings Wedding Photographer for Hertfordshire and Essex



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