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Wedding Photography at Hunters Meet in Hatfield Heath, Essex

September 30, 2008 on 4:04 pm | In - Wedding Photography Essex, - Weddings | Comments Off on Wedding Photography at Hunters Meet in Hatfield Heath, Essex | Author Dean Robson

Last Saturday I was asked by a good friend and fellow professional photographer Steve if I could be the 2nd photographer for a wedding he was shooting. Ofcourse I jumped at the challenge as we have worked alongside each other on a number of weddings and we both have a great rapport with everbody on the day. This wedding was for Kelly and David and took place at St. Mary Magdalen Church, Magdalen Laver, near Ongar in Essex.


Magdalen Laver is a tiny village between Harlow and Ongar and is a hidden gem. The church is located at the end of a long private lane and there were lots of photo opportunities. Whilst Steve was covering the Bride’s home pre-wedding shoot I met up with the Groom and the guys at the church for some extra photographs.


The Reverend was very accommodating and welcomed our prescence during the ceremony as long as we were intrusive. I stayed upfront during the ceremony to capture the expression of the service. I was also able to try out my new fisheye lens.

hadley_002.jpg hadley_056.jpg hadley_078.jpg hadley_109.jpg

Steve covered the traditional and formal photographs after the ceremony and I had a little bit of fun capturing some casual photographs highlighting the joy and happy expressions from the day.

hadley_128.jpg hadley_187.jpg hadley_204.jpg hadley_025.jpg

We couldn’t resist asking the Bride to spin around on the spot as this really does show off the dress and make for some beautiful photographs, especially as the backdrop was really stunning.


The couple were great, and really willing to take part in achieving some great shots. I also threw in an old favourite of mine, all the boys crowded around in a circle with me led on the ground shooting upwards (it always gets a smile!).

hadley_126.jpg hadley_226.jpg hadley_160.jpg hadley_221.jpg

The wedding reception took place at Hunters Meet in Hatfield Health, near Bishop’s Stortford and was a great setting for the meal and speeches. The manager of the venue was really great and ensured we were both fed and watered!

hadley_243.jpg hadley_068.jpg hadley_100.jpg hadley_261.jpg

I had a great day at Kelly and David’s wedding and really look forward to working alongside Steve again soon. As a wedding photographer in Herts and Essex, it was a great opportunity to photograph at a different church and venue. If you would like a dual photographer service on your wedding then please get in touch. I can offer this additional service to any of my packages at a very reasonable rate, and it certainly increases the coverage of your wedding.


By Dean Robson – RT Weddings Wedding Photographer for Hertfordshire and Essex



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