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Salomons in Tunbridge Wells

September 2, 2008 on 6:20 pm | In - Weddings | Comments Off on Salomons in Tunbridge Wells | Author Dean Robson

As wedding photographer in Hertfordshire and Essex, I was quite excited to venture out of my usual area and photograph this wedding at Salomons in Tunbridge Wells, Kent for Gemma and Ian. It was a very clear day, blue skies and sunny, probably the warmest day so far this year!


The entire wedding took place at the venue and I took an assistant Martyn along with me to capture some casual shots whilst I was organising the posed photographs. I can offer a dual photographer service at a reasonable rate, please enquire when you book with me. There was also a professional videographer, ‘Leo’ from Perfect Day Studios who was very easy to work along side.

gourpinar_0040.jpg gourpinar_0052.jpg gourpinar_0061.jpg gourpinar_0065.jpg

The ceremony took place outside which was a lovely setting overlooking the beautiful grounds at Salomons.

gourpinar_0165.jpg gourpinar_0194.jpg gourpinar_0210.jpg gourpinar_0225.jpg

As it was a hot day, we decided to get the group shots done straight after the ceremony as efficiently as possible so that everyone could then relax with refreshments.

gourpinar_0103.jpg gourpinar_0276.jpg gourpinar_0296.jpg gourpinar_0267.jpg

Salomons also has a beautiful staircase and I could resist taking this shot.


I then took the bride and groom around the grounds at the venue and we were able to capture some great photographs.

gourpinar_0348.jpg gourpinar_0373.jpg gourpinar_0379.jpg gourpinar_0460.jpg

The videographer asked the bride to spin around for a segment of his recording and we were quick to capture some of this. I will definitely be asking future bride’s to have a go at this.


gourpinar_0436.jpg gourpinar_0392.jpg gourpinar_0494.jpg gourpinar_0548.jpg

The table decorations looked fantastic and really added a great theme to the day.

gourpinar_0004.jpg gourpinar_0006.jpg gourpinar_0009.jpg gourpinar_0023.jpg

As with all my weddings I offer an all day service and photograph right through to the first dance. It was a real pleasure to work with Gemma and Ian!


If you would like me to photograph your wedding then please get in touch as I am getting booked up for next season. I look forward to hearing from you.

By Dean Robson – RT Weddings Wedding Photographer for Hertfordshire and Essex



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