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Having Butterflies about your wedding day?

August 19, 2008 on 5:10 pm | In - Misc Information | Comments Off on Having Butterflies about your wedding day? | Author Dean Robson

Whilst photographing a wedding on Sunday at Braxted Park it was quickly apparent that the Bride liked the idea of Butterflies as a theme on her wedding day and she had really gone to some effort with it.


I made sure I captured all of the finer details at the wedding which simbolised the couples day, knowing that they will make great background fades for their album.

05d1_0005.jpg 20d1_0023.jpg 05d1_0009.jpg 05d1_0008.jpg

Wanting to add my creative skills to the mix and making sure go the extra mile for the couple I spent some time whilst everyone was at the wedding breakfast to take these stunning shots which certainly did add to their theme.


As I work on digital I was able to quickly show the Bride and she was absolutely delighted with them.

05d1_0003.jpg 20d1_0250.jpg 20d1_0269.jpg

If you would like me to photograph your wedding then please get in touch but please note I am starting to get booked up for next season so time is running out.


By Dean Robson – RT Weddings Wedding Photographer for Hertfordshire and Essex



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