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Wedding Photography at The Musket Club in Colchester, Essex

August 1, 2008 on 9:04 am | In - Weddings | Comments Off on Wedding Photography at The Musket Club in Colchester, Essex | Author Dean Robson

Having already photographed a wedding on the Friday, I was still looking forward to this one on the Saturday for Beverly and Kai although the forecast was for heavy rain! Oh how wrong they were as yet again it was a beautiful, sunny day.


The wedding photography took place at the Bride’s parent’s home, at their local Evangelical Church and reception was at the Musket Club in Colchester. The Bride’s father obviously enjoyed gardening and this made a great setting for some of the pre-wedding photographs.


0021.jpg 0023.jpg 0063.jpg flinn_0042.jpg

I really enjoyed the ceremony at the Lexden Evangelical church as it had some great music through-out and was very upbeat and fun! The church itself was very modern and I was a little worried before hand that it may not be that photogenic, but being able to stand on the stage to get some shots allowed me to use a mosaic of people which worked well.


flinn_0175.jpg flinn_0178.jpg flinn_0201.jpg flinn_0210.jpg


The church itself didn’t have the grounds for doing the group shots, but luckily there is a public park within walking distance and it was well worth the additional effort.

flinn_0300.jpg flinn_0305.jpg flinn_0338.jpg flinn_0375.jpg


We then moved on to the venue where I was able to capture all the table details and the speeches. We also found an area opposite the venue which made a perfect location for some more photographs in the trees.

flinn_0409.jpg flinn_0435.jpg flinn_0451.jpg flinn_0455.jpg

After a great day there’s only one thing left and that’s the first dance!


flinn_0624.jpg flinn_0648.jpg flinn_0401.jpg flinn_0391.jpg

After two consecutive weddings I needed a well deserved rest although still managed to have both weddings on-line by the Sunday evening.

If you would like me to photograph your wedding then please get in touch.

By Dean Robson – RT Weddings



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