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Wedding Photography at Theobalds Park near Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

July 30, 2008 on 10:21 pm | In - Weddings, Theobalds Park Wedding Photography | Comments Off on Wedding Photography at Theobalds Park near Cheshunt, Hertfordshire | Author Dean Robson

I had back to back weddings on Friday and Saturday last week and this is the first. As a wedding photographer for Herts and Essex I was lucky enough to photograph this one for Alex and David which took place at Theobalds Park, near Cheshunt.


Theobalds Park is an excellent venue with lots to offer, from amazing rooms to beautiful grounds. As it was warm and sunny the wedding ceremony took place outside and it meant I could get up close and personal to capture some great expressions throughout.


I took lots of details and accessories shots as per usual and here are but a few. I was working alongside a very friendly Videographer, Christopher Kennedy (

00292.jpg 0081.jpg 0087.jpg 0470.jpg

From the bride getting ready, the boys having fun, the brides entrance and to them being happily married, I was there for it all.

0092.jpg 0339.jpg 0112.jpg 0468.jpg

The couple found some time to relax and reflect on their wonderful day not realising they had a photographer capturing it too.


Another successful day and a happy couple! The evening reception was a fun occassion and the disco was handled by Gary Scott (


If you would like me to photograph your wedding then please get in touch.

By Dean Robson – RT Weddings



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