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RT Weddings Website Evolution

June 28, 2008 on 11:26 am | In - Misc Information | Comments Off on RT Weddings Website Evolution | Author Dean Robson

I am proud to announce my latest website overhaul was successfully finished yesterday evening (27th June 2008). I have kept a similar theme, but made a few design enhancements to fit in with the current branding.


As you can see below it now compliments my printed 3-fold brochures which I use at wedding fairs and for any postal enquiries.

rt_brochure_cover.jpg rt_brochure_inside.jpg

The main enhancement that you will notice is the website has been designed for screen resolution 1024×768 as opposed to all my previous sites were for 800×600. As the majority of web users have a screen resolution of 1024×768 I opted for this as it means the photos I display can be larger and give more impact. Below are the previous 4 evolutions of my website since starting up RT Weddings as a business in order of newest first.

rt_web_mk4.jpg rt_web_mk3.jpg rt_web_mk2.jpg rt_web_mk1.jpg

It has take over a year to get the website to a quality that I am now happy with and hope potential customers can now get a much better feel of what I do. I design and develop all my own marketing literature, adverts and website myself as I had many years experience in this field and find these skills essential when designing an album or wedding book for a customer.

By Dean Robson – RT Weddings



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