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Eine Hochzeit in der Schweiz

June 26, 2008 on 5:37 pm | In - Weddings | Comments Off on Eine Hochzeit in der Schweiz | Author Dean Robson

Eine Hochzeit in der Schweiz, or “a wedding in Switzerland” to the non-swiss speaking. Andrea and Reto were an absolutely fantastic couple and lucky for me both spoke excellent english. I was able to use a little of my german too which was fun. The wedding day venue was at a furniture architect showroom called Spectroom which provided a cosy ambience and was superb for their romantic photoshoot.


As you can see below, the wedding was a late one, with the ceremony starting at 4pm and it was probably for the best as it was an extremely hot, sunny day at 32 degrees!


Again looking for the symbolic details as they always add to a good collection of photographs.

0135.jpg 0092.jpg 0515.jpg 0100.jpg

The maid of honour provided me with a detailed plan of the day which was really useful as it was my first Swiss wedding and things differed slightly from the ones im used to photographing back in the UK.

0173.jpg 01801.jpg 0192.jpg 0206.jpg

During the ceremony there was also a Christening for their son Liam. He was really well behaved and seemed to enjoy the occassion.

0226.jpg 0230.jpg 0237.jpg 0241.jpg

After the ceremony there were aperitifs served outside the church and a greeting line-up. The guests were able to relax and mingle for a while and I was able to capture lots of candid shots and emotions.

0267.jpg 02741.jpg 0384.jpg 0391.jpg

There were a small selection of group formal group shots which the bride had specified and then we moved on to the venue, stopping off at the banks of Lake Zurich for a quick photo opportunity.

0467.jpg 0471.jpg 0490.jpg 0484.jpg

Then we arrived at the Spectroom and had plenty of time to wander around and pick out great photo opportunitities for the rest of their romantic coverage.


0528.jpg 0509.jpg 0531.jpg 0535.jpg

After the meal it was announced that I was available to take guests photograph utilising the showroom as a portrait studio. This was really well received and very entertaining, especially with some of the language barriers.

0688.jpg 0645.jpg 0684.jpg 0654.jpg

After a long, but extremely enjoyable day of shooting there were just a few more finishing touches to capture, before a well deserved rest.

0694.jpg 0696.jpg 0784.jpg 0748.jpg

I really enjoyed my stay in Switzerland and it was a real honour to play a part in Andrea and Reto’s wedding day.

By Dean Robson – RT Weddings



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