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June 20, 2008 on 2:17 pm | In - Misc Information | Comments Off on Business in Switzerland | Author Dean Robson

I am very excited as I am in Switzerland for a wedding which takes place this coming weekend. I had a bit of time to see some of the sights of Zurich from the top of a forest close to where I am staying.


The walk up through the forest was great and should have loosened my legs ready for the wedding.

img_0002.jpg img_0003.jpg img_0008.jpg img_0014.jpg

I met up with the couple yesterday and went to the church and venue for a reckie before their special day and to understand how a Swiss wedding may differ from one back in the UK. The church is a fantastic location with lots of daylight flowing through.

img_0001.jpg img_0004.jpg img_0009.jpg img_0013.jpg

The venue called Spectroom is really interesting as it takes place in a rather exclusive furniture and antiques showroom which also boasts two bars and a large covered social area. I will be utilising some of the showroom for the Bride and Groom’s romantic photo shoot before the evening guests arrive. Here are a few of the stunning backdrops at my disposal.

img_0012.jpg img_0015.jpg img_0017.jpg img_0024.jpg

img_0016.jpg img_0019.jpg img_0020.jpg

The venue itself is situated just minutes from the edge of Lake Zurich, so again this will make a fabulous backdrop for some stunning photographs.


After our visit I was lucky enough to visit Rapperswil which is the town situated at the opposite end of the lake to Zurich city. Rapperswil is a very traditional looking town with lots of bars and restaurants overlooking the lake. As you can see the weather here in Switzerland is great.


I am now looking forward to the wedding at the weekend.

By Dean Robson – RT Weddings



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