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Wedding Photography at The Swallow Churchgate Hotel in Old Harlow, Essex

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The last day of May turned out to be a very enjoyable one. I photographed a wedding for Kerry and Martin, which took place at three locations, the Bride’s leaving location, Lambourne Church (St Mary’s Methodist), and The Swallow Churchgate Hotel. I have applied Black & White to a few of the shots as I feel it really does add a bit of style and strength to the images. Starting at the Bride’s leaving location I was able to capture a few of the moments as they took place like this shot of the Bridesmaid having her make up applied.


The Brides first entrance with her dress on, thought this looked great as a black and white natural lit shot.


I managed to grab the shoes and bouquet for a quick details shot too.


Having captured a good selection of shots from the home I moved on to the church where I caught up with the Groom and the Best Man. I took some portraits, a few posed shots of them with the backdrop of some trees and fields, then caught this shot of the rings.


The bride arrived in a new Jaguar looking lovely, I took some formal shots near the car and then caught her entrance into the church, and managed to capture this shot which really symbolises the ceremony.


The Vicar was very accomodating and allowed me to move to a couple of locations during the ceremony as long I didn’t intrude on the proceedings and also the use of flash through out. See the selection below.

0176.jpg 0180.jpg 0211.jpg 0219.jpg

The happy couple at the church doorway as a back lit shot.


Straight after the ceremony I took the posed group shots using the church as the back drop and the location was big enough to include the main group of everyone. Not forgetting the confetti shot!

0253.jpg 0274.jpg 0287.jpg

We then left the church and proceeded to the reception venue where I grabbed some detail shots before the couple arrived.

0314.jpg 0323.jpg 0327.jpg 0332.jpg

The Bride and Groom arrived in the Jaguar before mingling with their guests.


Weddings can be a little overwhelming for some small guests.


I then took the Bride and Groom for a quick tour of the Churchgate and captured many more photographs for their selection including these.

0441.jpg 0446.jpg 0473.jpg 0444.jpg

Not forgetting a few more detail shots…

0438.jpg 0451.jpg 0449.jpg 0401.jpg

I took photographs of the dinner entrance, speeches and cake cutting but the wedding wouldn’t be complete without my special mobile portrait studio.

0607.jpg 0618.jpg 0616.jpg 0640.jpg

As always, I am at the wedding for the duration to capture the first dance.


I really enjoyed photographing Kerry and Martin’s wedding and feel I have captured a great set of memories for them.


If you would like me to photograph your wedding then please visit RT Weddings for more information.

By Dean Robson – RT Weddings



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