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Sunny by the sea

May 26, 2008 on 5:45 pm | In - Misc Information | Comments Off on Sunny by the sea | Author Dean Robson

For the bank holiday weekend I decided to have a short break by the sea. I went to the south coast to the small seaside town of Swanage in Dorset where my folks live. While most of the UK was getting the usual wet and depressing weather which seems to be traditional of bank holidays, I was blessed with some very warm, and most of the time sunny spells.


Swanage is on the Purbeck coast, sometimes referred to as the “Jurassic Coast” as the cliffs host many fossils and geographic history. The local stone is used on many of the buildings and really does make everything look very traditional.


I do enjoy taking photographs of everyday things especially when they are eyecatching. Swanage is a well looked after town which is appealing for tourists and visitors.


Whilst in the area I also visited Lulworth Cove which is a very dramatic landscape, although the weather did turn a little overcast.


Whilst at the cove I noticed a tree decorated in all the left over buckets and spades which must get washed up over the season.

buckettree.jpg boat.jpg flowers.jpg

Whilst out walking I noticed a beautiful backlit background and was able to get this portrait.


After a very relaxing weekend I headed home and decided to take the Sandbanks ferry across the mouth of Poole harbour. As I was waiting for the ferry we noticed a fantastic sunset over the harbour, so I reached for the camera and got these results.


Whilst on the ferry, which is only a 5 minute crossing I managed to capture some more stunning sunsets.


I do like it if something in the foreground can break up the image slightly and right on cue a boat came trawling past.


By Dean Robson – RT Weddings



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