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Sunset at night

May 22, 2008 on 10:11 pm | In - Misc Information | Comments Off on Sunset at night | Author Dean Robson

Whilst out and about on a rehearsal meeting with a bride and groom at St. Mary’s All Saints Church at Lambourne I noticed a fantastic sunset and couldn’t resist taking some photographs. I guess once a photographer, always a photographer…


I did have a play with the exposures to get the best results from the sky and to really get some good silhouettes.


By focusing on the flowers in the foreground using full zoom the sky has blurred to give a great pastel feel.


The shot above gives a similar effect but this time with slightly less blurring of the sky.


By using the foreground as a silhouette it really does add to the composition of the photograph.


As I continued on my journey home I saw the sunset radiating around a group of trees and had to pull over again to take these last two shots.


I do enjoy capturing sunsets and with a little bit of under exposing you can enhance the look of your final picture.

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