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RT Weddings latest magazine advertisement

May 22, 2008 on 10:01 am | In - Misc Information | Comments Off on RT Weddings latest magazine advertisement | Author Dean Robson

I am always keen to change the style and ideas for my advertising and as an ex-graphic designer always put these together myself using Adobe Photoshop CS ( Although I have experience with QuarkXpress ( and Adobe Illustrator, I now find Photoshop can do everything I need quickly and easily. With my latest halfpage advert for “Your Herts & Beds Wedding” (June/July 08) edition and “An Essex Wedding” (July/August 08) magazines I have chosen to go with a more minimalist approach in comparison to my previous designs and utilise some of my evening portraiture shots which reflect the emotion and fun aspect of the celebration.


I should also give some credit to Cheryl who gave me some great advice and assisted me in putting the design together as she was looking at it from a woman’s perspective. My previous design was a quarter page advert, again trying to be slightly different, I made the advert look like a bridal magazine front cover. Again fairly minimalist, with my main key services and benefits displayed.mar08_advert.jpg

As you can see below from the following adverts that I’ve placed, I tended to put in probably too much information about my services and this may have detracted the reader as opposed to catching their eye. Having said that, the response to my previous adverts has been quite good, and has kept me with a busy calendar for 2008

feb08_advert.jpg dec07_advert.jpg nov07_advert.jpg aug07_advert.jpg july07_advert.jpg may07_advert.jpg apr07_advert.jpg

I think the progression of my adverts throughout 2007-2008 has been an improvement. May main aim now is to encourage the reader to visit my website ( where I have all of my wedding information including services, pricing and packages rather than trying cram the advert with this information.

By Dean Robson – RT Weddings



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