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Wedding Photography at The Roebuck Hotel in Ware, Hertfordshire

May 20, 2008 on 3:56 pm | In - Wedding Photography Herts, - Weddings | Comments Off on Wedding Photography at The Roebuck Hotel in Ware, Hertfordshire | Author Dean Robson

After the warm dry start of May, I was really hoping that the weather would stay nice for my Friday wedding, but after the Thursday where it didn’t stop raining I became increasingly doubtful. The forecast was for a showery day! However, I awoke Friday morning to sun streaming through my window and was very relieved to see the weather men at the BBC were wrong! I arrived at the Roebuck Hotel ( to find that Katie the bride wasn’t quite ready… They never are… :)


But Katie was well worth the wait and she looked absolutely stunning all in white. She was wearing a beautiful dress, a sparkling necklace that her father had given her and was really glowing with joy.


The rooms at the Roebuck aren’t huge, but even in the smallest of locations it is possible to get some group shots of all the Bridal Party and didn’t they look happy.


The staff at the Roebuck Hotel were very very accomodating and helpful throughout the wedding day and the registrar had no objections to photography throughout the service, even allowing me to use my flash (which was a relief as the lighting in the room was a tad dark). Katie and Craig wanted a complete selection of photographs from formal to casual and also lots of natural expression.


I was even able to roadtest my new lens, the Canon 70-200mm F4 USM IS ( which was superb at close ups and also candid style shots. I was also relieved to find it is nowhere near as heavy as the old 80-200 F2.8 L series lens. Lens and camera fit neatly into my ThinkTank Pro Speed Belt holster (, leaving me free to capture with my main camera.


Although the Roebuck doesn’t boast the biggest or most extravegant grounds (if I’m honest, it is fairly limited for outdoor photographs compared to some venues I’ve experienced), I did manage to find some angles which really worked and the open top balcony area is really quite pleasant. I enjoy the challenge of making the best from a location and I’m sure you would agree that the photographs reflect this.


By switching to my zoom lens I managed to capture some great energy and movement from the children who were excitedly running around and throwing confetti at each other, it was fun. By converting to black and white the imagery can look much stronger and really bring out the emotions involved.


I always like to take the couple around to various spots at a venue and capture some romantic looking shots. We found some great locations, although tight cropping was needed to avoid displaying the side of the building or unsitely road signs from the main road which runs the otherside of the hedgerow.


At the front of the Roebuck I used the entrance looking out to capture the following photograph. Again slight blurring of the background has really made this photograph come alive. I think the photo gives a feeling of “a relaxed couple”, and by them holding hands a symbol of “partnership”.


On a wedding I try to capture all of the individual details, from the flowers, table decorations to the balloons and the cake. These can all be used in the design of the album as background fades, the perfect finishing touches to symbolise the day. I do think that natural lighting and the glow from candles can add to the mood of a photograph.


Katie and Craig really loved the idea of having a portrait studio set up at their evening reception they even mentioned it on their invitations. This did mean I was kept very busy, but added to the already large selection of photographs. The “evening reception portraits coverage” is all part of my full day wedding day service and adds to the bride and grooms album choice and is a great way to capture family and friends who may not have been able to attend the ceremony.


Katie and Craig even made use of it themselves and can you blame them? I thoroughly enjoyed playing a part on their wedding day and cant wait to start designing their album!

By Dean Robson – RT Weddings



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