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“Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby”

May 19, 2008 on 5:24 pm | In - Misc Information | 2 Comments | Author Dean Robson

Not wishing to turn down work on a Sunday, I attended a Ruby Wedding Anniversary at Fanham’s Hall in Ware ( and took my friend Cheryl along with me as an assistant. She has had some photographic experience in journalism so I left her snapping away merrily. The venue at Fanham’s is fantastic and boasts some of the best gardens in the county.


After a rather wet Saturday I was again surprised that the weather stayed dry and slightly overcast, which is great as it reduces those harsh shadows sometimes causes by harsh sunlight.


The beauty of having another photographer snapping away is that you can capture moments when people are most unaware or occupying themselves like this gem that Cheryl captured.


Margaret and Trevor were given my services as a present by their daughter Sally and she especially liked the natural style photographs like this one of the happy couple.


Fanham’s is also a great location for indoor photographs as the bar area is extremely well lit with natural daylight, which meant there was no need for flash and I was able to use my zoom. By there being two of us, it meant that people quickly became immune to our presence.


These kind of shots will really compliment the formal posed shots which were taken and would look great in a personally designed book.


It wouldn’t be an occasion without the cute grandchildren running around and hiding.


We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and managed to capture a really good coverage from the party and I hope that the couple are pleased with our results.

By Dean Robson – RT Weddings




  1. Just to say how much our day was made special by the photographs taken and the shear variety of shots from the venue itself.

    Fanhams Hall is a great place for this and Dean took every opportunity to make the best of what was there come through.

    After 40 years together, Margaret and I have some wonderful reminders of that special day.

    Comment by Trevor Platups — July 14, 2008 #

  2. A great day and thank you Dean for adding to it being so special.
    For Ruby celebration of 40 years together, Margaret and I have some wonderful pictures of just how special our day was.
    Well done !

    Comment by Trevor Platups — July 14, 2008 #

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